Here at theclubandspa Bristol, we have the perfect ‘active’ venue for your child’s birthday party or a school class visit! Activities can include one or more of the following:

Children's Parties

Whack the Wall:
Wacky work outs, fun for boys and girls of all ages. Illumination Stations, give that wall a good whack, knock out the lights using woggle’s, balls, beanbags, hands or your feet.

Junior Spin:
Ages 12-16, loose the stabilisers. Try out the big kids bikes in the main spin studio. 45 mins spin madness.

Funky Feet:
Get your feet co-ordinating on our brand new Dance Mats. Can you move to the beat and get those funky feet tapping. Make it harder try using hands too!

Outdoor Games
Rounders, Circuit Training, Ball Games, etc Feel the fresh air, get outside get fit in the sun. (Weather Permitting)

Body Blast
Try out the Bodyblast class, using the weights & steps, working all those mini muscles, are you ready?!! Calling all your Rambos and Ramboettes!!

Short Circuits
Time to blow a fuse. Come and try thezone’s circuit or build your own circuit. Bet it’s not as good as ours!!!

Mega Mix
Parties only, Choose from two of the *above and mix ‘um up!!!

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