40 Winks...

40 Winks...

Hitting the snooze button and skipping breakfast could have the reverse effects on losing weight that you are looking for. Research shows that by not eating ‘the most important meal of the day’ the body does not burn or use calories as efficiently as it does after a healthy breakfast.

What happens to our body first thing in the morning?

If you consider that when we wake up in the morning, for the majority of us, our body and brain have been without food for around 12 hours and for children it may be longer. 

Our body is similar to a car in the fact that it needs fuel to run, and like a car, the better you look after your body, the longer and better it will run. Our bodies must be fuelled several times each day so that we function efficiently and carry out our daily tasks as best we can. In the morning, after many hours without food, it is essential to refuel in order to provide the necessary nutrients and energy to get us through the first part of the day. 

The disadvantages of not having breakfast

If you deprive your body of food in the morning you may find that you feel tired, dizzy and irritable and that your concentration is poor. It may take you longer to carry out tasks or you just might not feel up to anything mentally strenuous let alone physical. You will probably find yourself snapping at people unintentionally, especially if under stress and you will no doubt soon start to feel pangs of hunger as the morning wears on. If you don't eat anything in the morning, you will most likely find yourself craving something sweet to eat, as your body cries out for a quick fix to boost energy levels. If you are at work and it is not yet time for lunch, this is one of the moments when you may find yourself reaching for something very unhealthy such as a chocolate bar, croissant, cream cake or other unhealthy snacks. For those who are watching their weight, this is disastrous. 

It is also possible that you may become so hungry that you grab twice as many unhealthy snacks to eat before lunch or even end up eating all of your packed lunch by 11.30 am. 

No breakfast does not equal losing weight

Some people erroneously think that by skipping breakfast, they will reduce their calorie intake for the day and that it will help them to lose weight. Not only are you giving your body the worst possible start in the morning and putting it under unnecessary pressure, this is also not the case. Missing breakfast often leads to overeating at some point later on in the day, usually snacking on unhealthy foods, which are high in calories and fat. You may also become over hungry mid-morning and by lunchtime could end up eating twice as much than if you had eaten a healthy breakfast that released energy slowly throughout the day. 

Three healthy square meals or six smaller meals a day should keep you going throughout, without having the need to snack in between. 


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