Now that restriction are being lifted and health clubs such as ours have reopened many people will be looking to up their level of exercise. Of course it’s important that you do something that you’re not only comfortable with but enjoy doing. 

Aerobic exercises, such as running, swimming or cycling are activities that work your cardiovascular system — they get your heart rate up and make you breathe harder. This type of exercise can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, and may even lower the risk of cancer.

If it’s fat burning then doing a variety of exercises that combine cardio, strength, and core work will ultimately help you reduce body fat. Rowing, running, High intensity interval training (HIIT), strength training, yoga and walking are all ways to help reduce body fat. 

For those looking to improve their strength, weight-based activity is the key. Jason added: One of the purest tests of strength, the squat incorporates almost all the muscles in your legs and core. The deadlift, press and bench press would also be considered as key strength exercises and our weights area is well equipped for this form of exercise.

Many people might be looking to take part in charity events like a half marathon, cycle ride or hike. If you’re starting from scratch, then you need to build up slowly. Key is to give yourself enough time to get ready. Then you’ll need to put in place a programme that takes you up towards your end goal. 

For muscular endurance the plank, body weight squats, walking lunges, pushups and sit ups are all good disciplines.

It’s well documented that physical activity is beneficial for our mental health and wellbeing. Research has also found that low-intensity, aerobic exercise for about half an hour, three to five days a week was best at increasing positive moods. Whether it’s walking, yoga, tai chi or more intense activity, any form of exercise will help lift your mood.

And now that we’re reopen, people from across the region can start to enjoy their daily fix of activity, improving their overall levels of fitness and feeling much better within themselves.

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