Green Fingers Workout..

Fresh from a weekend away with ‘the boys’ I returned to find everyone in the garden on a mission! Sun was shining, the driveway was littered with forks, rakes, shovels and then I spotted it, every man’s worst nightmare ‘the green bag’!!! Which we all know can mean only one thing on a Sunday, MOWER! As we all know where there is a green bag there is a lawn mower, and where there is lawn mower on a Sunday afternoon there will be no skysports 1 at kick off! However, no matter how much my eyelids were like concrete, the dandelions were beginning to be covered over by the ever growing grass that surrounds the house. So I strapped on my heart rate monitor and joined in with the Sunday afternoon gardening marathon. Well, what seemed like a marathon to me in my ‘oh so fresh state’, would be a mere afternoon pottering to the regular gardening enthusiast. 

By then end of my mowing, digging, weeding and clearing I finally sat down and reviewed the afternoons activities. It proved that by wearing my heart rate monitor to record my calorie burn, I could see I had actually burned in excess of 500calories. And that was just me, the others had been at it all day. We had all also squatted, reached, pulled, pushed and rotated all afternoon. Far more than anyone would have done in the gym over the same time period. As the garden provides the perfect setting for some functional movement, allowing the body to become accustomed to delivering power and stability in such everyday movements. 

Research shows that gardening for 30-45 minutes a day has significant health benefits, such as decreasing the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes, as well as contributing to healthier bones, muscles and joints. Elements of gardening such as digging, weeding, trimming shrubs and mowing the lawn can require the same energy requirements as other physical exercise activities such as walking, cycling, swimming and aerobics. 

Therefore gardening is a great alternative to traditional exercise because it incorporates elements of accepted exercise routines while enabling you to engage in an enjoyable activity in the privacy of your own surroundings at a pace that suits. 

So as a gardening enthusiast, you’ve probably spent many hours reading and researching about how to produce a healthier, more beautiful garden. Now start thinking about how gardening can produce a healthier you? 

Not only does gardening help you physically, but it provides you with the satisfaction of a beautiful lawn to look at or fresh fruits and vegetables to enjoy at your dinner. So as the gardening season approaches, on your gloves, put the juice on ice and consider your gardening time as an opportunity to get a nicer garden and a healthier you! But remember ladies get those green bags out early, as it’s not called ‘Super Sunday’ for nothing.

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