Muddy Sunday

Covered in mud, soaking wet and absolutely loving it!! Now there is no better way to spend a morning, meandering aimlessly through the woods looking for every muddy puddle possible.

This Sunday morning we decided to get out, the sun was shining and the kids were full of beans. So we loaded up the car with ‘the gear’ wellies? Check, spare clothes? check , two super charged 4 year olds who at home were climbing the walls? most definitely CHECK!! and headed to the forestry walk in the woods near Rowborrow. I had though a hidden agenda and brought along a secret device, nothing like what you’re probably picturing such as a Rolex that shoots lasers or a car that drops its headlights to reveal guided missiles (which with some of the Sunday driving around would have been useful)!! It was my Garmin running watch, which measures distance travelled and calories burned etc. I wanted to see how beneficial it could be to just get out and about for no reason other than to spend time with the family and walk.

Now the benefits come in many different forms so let me get out the boring facts first. We walked for almost 2hrs and covered near to 4 miles, and that includes up and down in the stream, throwing sticks, climbing over tree trunk and jumping in puddles. I burnt almost 600 calories and I can’t remember how many times I ‘unstuck’ a little one from the mud! My shoulders are killing me!!

But after getting home and having time to think of all the benefits of a couple hours walking,  it actually became apparent that there are far more benefits than the ‘fitness’ ones I was first interested in.  The kids had ran and ran for ages, covering far more ground than they had otherwise have done elsewhere. The fresh air and exercise had wiped the kids out, as once home and sat down there was no bickering, no fighting just calm and eventually ZZzzzzzzz (always a bonus, especially when the rugby is on) My better half had time to sit back and relax with a magazine, otherwise not really possible, giving her time to herself. I found it brings people together without the distractions of TV, toys and other such things. It was also noticed that we laughed and learned all afternoon, showing the little ones how to balance on fallen trees, jump over streams and pull themselves up the bank of the stream using their own strength.  All of which benefits their health and wellbeing. Once tired it required us to carry the little legs from time to time, therefore making us two to work harder without noticing.

So everyone was covered in mud, wet and best of all wearing an ear to ear SMILE. Now this sort of exercise isn’t going to get you a six pack, help you press 100kg in the gym but I promise you this. It will make you sleep like a log, burnt alot of calories and make you feel great. And best of all it was absolutely FREE!!! We even passed a family having a picnic, now that’s great thinking. So this week I urge you to get out and about, nothing crazy just be prepared with spare clothes etc and get out there and get muddy, get moving and get smiling.


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