Beverley Nickolls, who is a PhD Research student at Queen Mary University London, is now hoping her appeal will allow her to continue to research ways to improve the design and conduct of clinical trials, which in turn will make it easier to develop life-saving and life-improving treatments.

According to Beverley, millions of pounds get wasted every year on clinical trials meaning many people still suffer unnecessarily and is down to a number of reasons. Firstly, half of all trials fail to recruit enough people and those who take part are often different from the target population.

In addition, it is challenging to run trials testing 'new' treatments as no one wants to go in the 'control' comparison group when the new treatment might save or lengthen their lives.

Beverley said: “Current clinical trials of new treatments for diseases, injuries and life-threatening conditions save many lives but a lot more can be done.

“The solution we’re looking at is called Trials within Cohorts or TwiCs and is an innovative approach to conducting clinical trials.

“The TwiCs design is now being used in some clinical areas. We would like to develop its use further for a whole range of conditions including treatment for cancer, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, alzheimer's disease and depression. Our work will make it easier and quicker to test a wide range of new and promising treatments which could save and improve lives.

“I’ve already funded half of the cost myself but am looking for additional funds to complete the research and any contributions will help us advance clinical trial design and improve health.”

Jason Eaton, General Manager at theClubandSpa added: “I’ve spoken to Beverley at length about her research and she is very passionate about the project. It’s great that we have pioneers like Beverley who are dedicated to improving everyone’s health and wish her and her team the very best.”

For further information please visit Beverley's JustGiving page.

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