Out with the old...

Out with the old, in with the new.....

The world looks like a different place from 10 hands up!! My fiancé surprised me with my first horse riding experience a few days ago for my birthday, and let me tell you I was scared stiff. At one point they even had me ‘cantering’ which to me felt like a hundred miles an hour was probably a slow plod for experienced riders. I spent the whole experience in silence while I waited for the horse to throw me off, or slip or stop dead etc but low and behold it didn’t, and once back at the yard and dismounted I was on cloud nine. Not only because I really enjoyed the actual experience of the horse riding (which I loved!!) but because I had done something new that made me scared, got me outside of my comfort zone and I had done it. The whole experience got me thinking and then looking around at ways of trying something new.

Studies suggest we feat an unknown outcome more than we do a known bad one.

This is why some like to stick to a routine, the same spin bike, the same class, the same order of exercises? Life is a routine and before you know it you yourself are in a routine, hey reading this is probably a routine. There is nothing wrong with routine, everyone needs it and it is healthy but it can sometimes be a disadvantage in living. It can often blinker us all into not trying anything new, no matter how simple. Something as simple as a new class at the gym, going for a jog instead of watching the news or even cooking a new recipe for dinner.  Staying within your comfort zone can also be the cause of many exercise programmes failing, your body gets used to what you’re doing and then will not change. Therefore if you have been doing the same things in the gym for more than 6 weeks then its more than likely that your programme is now not doing anything for you.

Moreover, while drinking alcohol, many people often associate alcohol with food consumption. This is due to the fact that alcohol increases insulin levels, which trigger a hypoglycaemic state in which sugar and processed food cravings are observed, As the majority of heavy drinking occurs in the evening, eating these high sugar food late at night makes it difficult for the body to digest and burn fat.

So this week I’m encouraging you all to try something new, no matter how simple. Get out there and do it, change a routine, book an experience for you and the family, change the way you do your workout or even ask a trainer to change it. Encourage your friends and family to do it too, simple little changes that everyone can get involved in.

Here are a few that our team came up with.

  • Make a veg patch in the garden
  • Got for a challenging walk with the family
  • Sign up to a distance run
  • Try new food
  • Book a family experience (horse riding, climbing lesson, white water rafting)
  • Walk the school run
  • Do the park and ride into town

Once you have made the changes send me an email, picture or even a video of you trying something new. Why not post it on the facebook page or twitter. The example of trying something new or breaking the routine will win a day for 2 at either thespa or a meal for 2 in thelounge. (Entries must be in by Friday 9th march)

For other tips and advice direct your fitness/nutrition based questions to tom.horton@cadburyhouse.com.


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