Ideal for all shapes and sizes, it's a great cardio and strength workout it uses a barbell to primarily squat, chest press, deadrow, clean and press, lunge and reverse curl.

It’s also something that, if you’re disciplined, can easily be done at home, so for those who might be a little shy about attending a class with other people, is a great exercise to shape and tone your entire body, increase core strength and improve bone health.

The beauty is, you don’t need much by way of equipment, so is a low-cost form of exercise anyone can take part in.

Jason Eaton, general manager at the club and spa, Cadbury House can certainly vouch for Bodypump with it being one of the most popular classes at the Congresbury-based health club.

He said: “Bodypump has become something of a phenomenon and is by far one of the more popular classes alongside Spinning.

“It’s popular for various reasons. First anyone can do it, whether you’re a regular gym goer or beginner. Also, participants can burn anything up to 500 calories in one session, so is popular for those who are looking to lose a few kilos.

“And, because lighter weights are used, means it’s more about toning the body and not necessarily bulking up too much.

“Our classes here at the club are always popular, but those who want to do it in their own time, can easily do a home workout.

“I would advocate coming to a class as the instructor will not only provide the required motivation, but also help on technique so you don’t get into any bad habits.

“In addition, we run a series of virtual classes and means members can still do their class without a live instructor. These are really convenient and are great for those who might not be able to commit to the live classes.

“For those who might want a little taster, we’re planning an open week later in September so anyone who wants to come a try out a Bodypump class will be more than welcome, but they’ll need to register as I imagine it’ll be popular.”

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