We now offer 1-2-1 swimming coaching here at the club! Whatever your age, ability or fitness, our swimming lessons can be tailored to meet your needs. 


It is never too late to learn how to swim!

Naomi welcomes any complete beginners to technique with competitor swimmers to develop their performance. Naomi’s lessons are designed to build her swimmers confidence and skill in the water.

“I was a competitive swimmer for 20 years and have extensive experience with all aspects of swimming teaching and coaching. Swimming can be the perfect exercise for those avoiding weight bearing activities and rehabilitation from injury or surgery.” – Naomi Fox 


“Naomi is a fantastic swimming teacher who is patient and kind. My children very quickly advanced from weak swimmers who lacked confidence to confident, strong swimmers who I now can't get out of the water!” – Sarah Whitchurch

Contact Naomi on 07933 158451 or by email at naomi_fox@hotmail.co.uk

Why Swim?

- Burns between 400-750 calories an hour
- Psychological benefits including reduced stress and tension
- Non impact sport so suitable for all ages
- Ideal for physio and rehab 
- Tones , strengthens and provides a great cardio workout
- It's FUN!!! :)

Non swimmers and Aqua phobics

1 in 5 adults in the u.k can't swim so you are not alone! It's never too late to learn though and our coach has 100 % success rate for teaching adult non swimmers to swim. Especiallly choosen pool time sessions to ensure your lesson is as quiet and comfortable as possible. Lessons are structured to allow you to go at your own pace. Never feel left out on holiday by he pool again! Face your fear, and take the plunge today!


Technique analysis and improval 1-2-1 sessions. To be able to glide effortlessly throught the water is an enviable skill, but attainable by everyone with the right technique coaching. Covering all strokes! Book your lessons today!

Swim fit

Included in your lesson will be a laminated gym style swimming programme for you to work to inbetween lessons. Set goals, meet challenges , see results! Our coach will structure a set distance training programme using a mixure of recognised swimming drills to make your swim time more effective and interesting.


Whether your goal is a Masters, Triathlon or Ironman our 1-2-1 coaching session will help you on your way to achieving the best from your swim! Technique correction and training tips from our coach with 20 yrs competion experience.


1-2-1 private coaching session £40 hour / £20 1/2 hour. Gift vouchers available! 


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