Les Mills BodyAttack Charity Marathon

Join us in the Main Studio at theClubandSpa Bristol this Saturday for our Les Mills BodyAttack Marathon.

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13th February, 2020

New Findings From The Forefront Of Health Science

Discover if the time you exercise affects weight loss, what you can do to offset dementia risk, and how CO2 might be clouding your thinking. Plus, there's fresh evidence that good music is key to a good workout.

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23rd January, 2020

How to get the most out of your protein intake

What are BCAAs and how can they help us to manage our protein intake?

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17th December, 2019

Virtual Studio Updates

As we come towards the end of our refurbishment, here's an update on the final developments.

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13th October, 2019

Refurbishment Update #3

Our £70,000 Studio refurbishment plans at theClub Cadbury House are now well underway.

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26th September, 2019

Refurbishment Update #2

Further details on our exciting refurbishment project.

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19th September, 2019

Refurbishment Update #1

We're investing £70,000 in theClubandSpa, Cadbury House.

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12th September, 2019

Refurbishment Plans

We’re always looking to maintain theClub’s standing as the leading Health Club and Spa in the South West

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5th September, 2019

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