• Puddle Ducks

children's swimming classes at theClub

TheClub has teamed up with Puddle Ducks, a local swim school teaching children from birth up to age 10 to be confident, safe and have fun in the water.

For more information visit the Puddle Ducks website, or contact the local team on 0117 9717165 or bristolandbath@puddleducks.com

Pre-School Classes for 0-4 year olds

Your little one will love our baby and pre-school swimming classes, hosted by some of the most highly trained teachers around. Puddle Ducks love teaching little ones to swim in their carefully structured, fun lessons where every activity is adapted to each child. Join at any point in the term.

Swim Academy for 4-10 year olds

Big kids love the Swim Academy! Whether they are beginners or had classes when they were tots, the Puddle Ducks team know how to get the best out of every child. Watch as their confidence grows and they develop an effortless swimming style and gain life-saving skills – all while having fun!



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